1st International Meeting on Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies, Lisbon October 11th 2011

The 1st International Meeting on Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies its organised by Exigo in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) and Novartis Oncology. This event is associated with the celebration of Exigo 10th anniversary and with the 3rd year of the Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement between Exigo and FCUL.

This event aims to meet a group of well-known national and international specialists in the field of health care policy to debate three main topics: the value of innovation; relative effectiveness assessment; decision making.

Rising health care expenditure is a main concern for the vast majority of countries, including Portugal. Increasing life expectancy, improved access to health care and the adoption of new health care technologies have been identified as some of the main drivers for the cost escalation in health. In such a context, health economics and in particular economic evaluation in health care are increasingly being used to support decision making across all areas of health care financing.

This international meeting comes in challenging times faced by the economies all over the world. Many European countries face sustainability problems requiring substantial adjustments to public expenditure in health care. Rationality in all the steps of health care decision making is a requisite, alongside with innovative solutions to finance new health care technologies, which can contribute to social welfare improvement. European countries need to deepen the debate about the value of innovation in health and also about how this value can/should be shared across different health care sector agents. Close to this debate are issues like balancing social welfare with expenditure on health and the appropriate level of incentives to investments in research and development of new technologies.


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